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Watch a Professional Costa Rican Soccer Game


Watching a professional soccer game in Costa Rica is one of the extra activities you can do while visiting this beautiful country. We normally do not include this option in our tours, but if this is something you want to experience we can certainly offer it to you. In Costa Rica almost everybody is passionate about soccer, so you will feel a different and vibrant atmosphere at the stands of a Costa Rican soccer stadium.

This option is not always available due to the professional soccer league's schedule. The Apertura tournament is played from July to December and the Clausura tournament is played from January to May. The only way to guarantee you will get to watch a professional game is to plan the tour around the game. The two most popular teams in Costa Rica are Saprisa and Alajuelense, so if you really want to plan a tour around a professional soccer team that is the game to watch, Saprisa versus Alajuelense.

The next best thing is to watch a practice of one of the professional teams. That will expose you to different tactics and different ways of conducting a training session. Sometime you can also use their stadium and facilities to play against other amateur local teams. To many soccer enthusiasts training where the professionals play is the highlight of the tour.

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