Venture Costa Rica
Community Service in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is rich in beauty and more developed than any other country in Central America, but it still has many areas where people live in extreme poverty and in need of help. In addition to enjoying Costa Rica's weather, beaches, and natural wonders, your team or group can spend a day of half of it helping the locals. Community service is not only a good thing to do, but it is also a great way to bond with your teammates or group members. You can visit children care centers and/or educational institutions to play with the locals or to give them donations. You can also help them to improve their schools, clinics, or houses.

Another simple and easy way to help the locals is by visiting elementary schools to read and to talk in English to them. English is taught to students in all public schools, so the local kids are always looking forward to listening stories in English and to practice with native English speakers.

Seeing the results of your community service and the happy faces of the locals is very rewarding. To many people this is the highlight of the tour because it gives you a satisfaction that is hard to describe. Helping others feels great!

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